Saif Uddin Syed

Founder and Chairman

With over 27 years experience in the construction industry, my projects to date have taken me all over the world. From the United States to South America, the Middle East and UAE and finally Europe and the United Kingdom. My mission now brings me to my home country and easily my most exciting and most challenging project of my career. Please click here to view my in depth profile

Usman Ahmed


As a British born Pakistani, my lifelong dream was to be able to do business in my mother land with the sole purpose of giving back to the people. When my leader Saif-Uddin Syed approached me with this idea, I didn't hesitate to get involved. The challenges we are facing are huge. I will utilize my expertise in the retail sector and import/export industry and with the help of the Almighty we will make this dream a reality.

Suleiman Nadeem

Vice Chairman

As a British Born Pakistani and having spent my whole life in the UK, I am honored to have now been blessed with the opportunity to help my mother country. My business portfolio ranges from retail to property, the food industry, the construction industry and I have now also entered into the Pharmaceutical industry. My portfolio ranges from UK and Europe including Turkey, Bahrain, Dominican Republic, China and Pakistan. My mission is simple, to help give back to my beloved countrymen and this beautiful country of Pakistan.

Yasin khan

SEO Expert, Full-Stack Developer, Media Sector Veteran

With 8 years of SEO expertise and utilizing AI in SM Green Group companies, I've ranked 13 websites on Google's first page. Notably, my strategic decisions catapulted Lenceria.pk, Switch Vapes, and Switch Pakistan to the top. Over my 8-year tenure in the media sector, I've crafted some of Pakistan's largest websites. As the driving force behind SM Green Media Division, Currently leading SM Green Media Division, I'm dedicated to enhancing our image through AI integration. My goal is to further advance in AI, driving innovation and growth in the media industry.

Kamran Malik

Co Founder

Kamran Malik is the CEO of our company, overseeing all aspects of our business operations. As the CEO, he is responsible for setting the company's strategic direction, making key business decisions, and ensuring the overall success and growth of the organization.

Zohaib Mumtaz

Cheif accountant

Zohaib, an adept professional, holds the crucial role of Chief Accountant at SM Green. Leading a proficient team, he meticulously manages the company's extensive financial accounts, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and strategic financial planning for sustained growth and success.

Mohsin Zareen

Director General & Founder MZ Billing

With eight years of in-depth experience in the medical billing domain, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Founding my company www.mzbilling.com after accumulating valuable insights, we specialize in offering top-notch medical billing services tailored for the USA market. Leveraging my experience, I've swiftly curated a diverse clientele, propelling us towards our vision of becoming the premier global leader in medical billing services. Through relentless dedication and commitment, we are steadfast in our pursuit of excellence and industry dominance.

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Adnan Wakeel


Over the last 27 years, I have seen the construction industry evolve, but what hasn't changed is the fundamental desire of every client to find the best construction team to build their project. At SMG construction, our goal is simple. We strive to exceed our expectations. Our team of experts will collaborate with, to translate our project ideas into reality.

Muhammad Shakir

Director General

Muhammad Shakir holds the position of DIRECTOR General in our team. As the top executive, he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our organization's operations and ensuring that strategic goals are met. With his extensive experience and leadership skills, Muhammad brings a visionary approach to drive growth and success.

Usman Nisar

Civil Engineer ( PEC Reg.)

Civil Engineer over seventeen years experience of major multi-million dollars projects. Experience covers the full range of tasks, from initial site survey to final account for contracts, working on both Client and Contractor sites. Experience in all aspects of Design and Construction Management, from small scale residential homes to luxurious mixed use building structures and offices.

Senior Julian Perez

Strategic Partner - Dominican Republic

Our valued strategic partner is intricately involved in every facet of the Pink Salt distribution process throughout South America, from sourcing to logistics, guaranteeing seamless operations and extensive market coverage.

Atif Saleem Malik

Strategic Partner - UAE

Our esteemed strategic partner, headquartered in the UAE, spearheads the distribution of Pink Salt across various regions, meticulously handling logistics to ensure seamless delivery and market penetration.

Kashaf Ali

Head of Marketing - USA

Aqsa Ahsan

Chief Architect